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 What is Network Management?

We at VecSector, LLC believe in order to be an effective manager of your corporate network, we should work proactively as your IT Department. This means doing the same day-to-day tasks as your typical IT department would do for you such as the following (click on each service offering for more information):

We're Proactive Instead of Reactive!

(Acting before a situation becomes a source of confrontation or crisis)


One of the obvious differences between VecSector and other IT service companies is our Proactive approach to your corporate network instead of the typical Reactive approach. The difference means, we catch things before they escalate into larger problems, or develop into an emergency. This creates peace of mind for you and your employees as we take care of issues as they come up or can schedule for downtime to resolve them, instead of walking into a disaster on a Monday morning and can't get in touch with your IT support because they are busy helping someone else.

Stabilize Your IT expenses

By having a contract, you stabilize your IT support expenses by knowing exactly what you will be paying each month. No worrying about paying $100 one month and $2,000 the next month. Our contracts are all-inclusive, which means if we come onsite, call one of your employees, remote administer a server, there is no other bill to pay!

Lower Risk than Having Employees

Having your Network Proactively Managed by VecSector, LLC not only provides your business with the latest in Information Technology solutions, but we also lower risks for most businesses by giving you access to a Team of IT professionals for less than it would cost for one full-time (and sometimes part-time) employee that could quit at any time.

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